The Blue Org

Incidents reported to OPP by the public and how they were handled by staff members to a conclusion plus what officers did while on duty. Book 2, my life from age 4 to age 63 yrs, detailing abuse of my life, consequences and to be continued on in book 3. To educate persons especially women so what happened to me would not happen to them. Lies, con game, attempted murder, theft etc.

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About the Author

Joan was born into a poor migrant farmers family. Graduated as a Nurse in Belleville, Ont., 1971, worked as a nurse all over Ontario. Worked for 12 years at TD Bank, then 3 years at Royal Bank. Worked in an underground gold mine for almost one year. OPP for 20 years, providing medical advice, instructing CPR and First Aid, Advanced and Basic, for OPP, St. John’s Ambulance, Red Cross, doing verbal testing for persons who could not read or right. One of 5 Wilderness Survival Instructors across Canada, Babysitting Courses. Hired and Fired personnel in mine as well as providing Emergency Evacuation of Personnel if needed. Evacuated patients by helicopter from hospitals. Worked in ICU, CCU, OBS, Paeds, Emergence, Medical/Surgical Units, Geriatrics, OR, instructing nursing students in hospitals when needed. Owned Logging Companies for 35 years, buying, selling, cutting, splitting, delivering fire wood to Toronto, Picton, Belleville, Napanee, Sault Ste. Marie and Wawa areas when living there. Became an author in 2014. Was the only person to this day exempted from the Provincial Nursing Exam in 1971 due to 99.9% average, received a Commissioners Citation for taking, solving a murder in Blind River in early 90’s, the only civilian to receive one at the time for OPP, while working 911 Communications Centre in Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Belleville, Ont. Was the Commissioner for Boy Scouts of Canada for 5 yrs., while living in Bancroft, providing instruction to boys if staff members did not show up for work, did their banking, book keeping and worked for VON out of Belleville for 4 years while living in Bancroft. Worked in hospitals as a nurse teaching first aid, CPR to staff members at St. Mary’s On The Lake Hospital, Timmins, and South Porcupine Hospital, in South Porcupine. I did all the jobs in the bank while working there, credit bureaus, Green Machine, Teller, Second Coin Teller, Secretary, Investments, and did deposit and paid bills for customers while away. I travelled 8 hrs every 3-4 days travelling from SSM to Belleville each day for 7 months, and 4 hrs., to work in winter from Wawa to Timmins to work every day. I wrote the safety manuals for SNC Lavalin for 11 yrs, without realizing my work was forwarded on without my knowledge or permission to be published and used for all of their head offices across the world and 60 thousand employees. University and College courses, Organizational Psychology and Pharmacology and Accounting. Rescued birds and dogs from 2001 to today, providing medical advice to other rescue agencies all across Ontario. Animals rescued from all across Canada. Paid for surgeries for dogs when asked by vets to do so to prevent euthanasia. Bought and sold and renovated 26 houses I owned by myself. 

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